I love creating meaningful experiences professionally and on a personal level. I'm a user experience shaper, brand advisor, industrial designer, and team builder.

I led three new product lines' graphic user interface design at Johnson & Johnson's Medical Devices companies in Irvine, California. I am joining  Punchcut, a future-forward digital design agency focused on connected experiences as an Interaction Designer in San Francisco in June 2018.

When I'm not busy exceeding my standards at work, I love to draw, share my illustrations as @shaychxie on Instagram, and read about a variety of subjects. Occasionally, I mentor startup companies and create some freelance magic.

I am currently pursuing my Master of Design degree at DAAP, University of Cincinnati, with a focus on User Experience and Interaction design. I am in the midst of researching how Instagram has influenced designers' and artists' creative process, identity, and storytelling for my thesis. I also have a Bachelor's degree of Science in Industrial Design with a minor in Professional Selling. I'm excited to learn and improve every single day!

Resume | Instagram | LinkedIn | shaychxie@gmail.com


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